Tuesday, 7 January 2014

On getting a holiday basket

Hi someone,

The door bell rang in the evening, and I heard it from here, I thought it was my father returning, so I went to greet him there.

But it wasn’t him, my mother was playing the veena…
Then a basket on the table,
Caught my eye…

This is about the basket:

Well, it’s the holiday season, …. That winter solstice-ish time of the year….

When people give each other gifts of food and cheer….

Well, someone came right to my door…
Someone rang my own doorbell…
Someone said “Hello” and gave a basket.

It was full of old-time goodies,
Cakes and biscuits, jiggly sweet things,
Chocolate, in bars of three
Nescafe coffee, in a bin.

Digestive biscuits, or so they are called…
Just whole-wheat biscuits will do the trick
There was jam, some strawberry jam,
And there was not a bit of ham (lamb cured ham please).

Yes, they were all my favorite things
The jiggly sweet things in flavours of orange and lime
Cornflakes biscuits, though not like my mother makes them,
Hazelnut chocolate, but only bits of hazelnuts
Fruit and nut, oh what a treat
Dairy Milk, now that’s what I eat.

Cakes of all types of sizes and sorts,
Some all fresh, and one with mould
So many, I gave up trying,
Then I thought, “Well, that’s okay”
I’ve already eaten, much too much.

So I piled the stuff back in,
Kept it for a rainy day
There were clouds up in the sky today
But the all just moved away.

Then sun shone bright, it cleansed my eyes,
Cleared my brain, and let me think
Oh what peace, oh what light
Just a time of sun-basking.

The clouds tried to form, they really did,
But the sun was needed, and so they hid,
When the need was done, then the clouds all bloomed
I looked up and got a shock.

They got shy, and they moved away,
I called after them, “Hey, please stay”
My plants need rain,
So droplets fell, but the clouds, had gone away.

Yes, it started with the door bell ringing, moved to the basket on the table, and then moved to this morning.

This poem is about today – the morning, and the evening. 

And now it is night, and I think my father has really come home this time.

This is what I actually eat:

Whole-grain rice
Whole green-gram split
Whole wheat
Whole black-gram split
Whole oats, rolled so far, but where are the whole?
Mustard seeds
Jeera seeds
Oh, any seeds
From a herb, a shrub or a tree,
Just not from a creeper, please.

All cooked and piled together, oh what a treat!
All good stuff that does some good
Depending on how you fertilise it.
Use manure – first feed the cow,
And when it’s full, walk it through
The rows of plants
Let it drop, so you don’t have to scoop
It is happy, and so are the plants.
When the plants are grown, and they produce seeds,
Pick the root, the stalk, the leaf, the bud, the flower, the fruit and the seed.
Do not waste any…. Ya, use it all
If the plant is perennial, just pluck the fruit
Let the plant grow, just like it should
It will keep producing fruit after fruit
We eat it all, and throw away the seed
It falls to the ground, just where we throw it
It germinates and becomes a tree.

Then we wonder, “Oh my God, What is this tree doing in the middle of nowhere…?”
Then we realize, “Oh, this is where we threw the seed… “
So the next time we eat, we throw the seed again.
Then if we remember, we pick up the seed
And throw it in a convenient location.
So that the tree can grow there, without hindrance,
Open to the sky and the rain from it,
With enough space all around it,
For the leaves to stretch out
And the stalk to go up.
Not under a window shade,
But out in the open.

Then after some time, we look for the tree,
And realize, Oh the ants ate it all up,
And it might have got swept up when the yard was cleaned.

So the next time we should dig a hole,
Place the seed in it,
Cover it up,
And go to sleep.


Chocolate –
1.     Whole cocoa beans just cooked in water and then mashed together.
1.1.   asdf
2.    Stevia leaves, - fresh stevia leaves, ground with a little, well, nothing, because they have liquid in them.
3.    Nuts – I don’t really believe in eating nuts….  I don’t eat egg either.  Throw the seed somewhere and watch it grow.  Probably won’t need to grow so many plants anymore…  Agriculture can take a rest… All the labourers too… after all, they’ve been working so tirelessly, I think they would like to drop, and rest for a while.  Besides, there are so many tonnes of waste of grain… No point in growing more again….
4.    Asdf

Why the hell did I ever think, that what comes for my father, is meant for me… and why did I stop to think, that somebody might be satisfied with what I did…..?!!!!

Now I’m at a dead-end… Stupid me..  Should have realized… I should do whatever I want to do… And not just assume that someone is going to reward me for anything that I do…

Stupidest thing I ever did… No wonder I’m not writing…

When should I eat…?  When I am satisfied with what I did…  Not when I think someone else might be….

And then when I am satisfied with what I did, then I should eat, and when I am full, then I should bless the Lord for the good land He has given me…

But since that basket arrived, and I ate of it….

I’ve bin looking for whole cocoa beans….
I’ve bin looking for stevia leaves,
Fresh from the field or the garden,
Or dried in the sun, and powdered.
Ground nuts, cooked in water

Oh, what the hell, just bring the raw food, and let me cook it…

Cakes?  This is how I make:
First I take a measure of whole-grain wheat
Grind it in the mixie, till it is done
Might be a fine powder, maybe coarse
It depends, of course
On how I like it.

I used to expect the mixie to grind it fine,
But it never did, and I got used to coarse,
It’s good for the stomach, of course
Lots of fibre, to help the matter of course…!

Then I used to use egg, or curds

…. Thing is, I don’t make cake anymore…

All I eat is that stuff I wrote about up above
The whole-grain rice, green-gram, wheat and black-gram
Oats, and spices and all the seeds
From herbs, shrubs and trees,
But not creepers, please.

It’s simple, and easy and it is good to eat.

My main two vegetables, of all I found in the market,
Are brinjal (egg-plant, as it is called by some, due to it’s shape)
And ladies-fingers, again, due to it’s shape (I think called okra, by some)

They are the only plants that are herbs or shrubs, that I found…
See, good food really is good.