Thursday, 12 September 2013

Deliver me

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Lyrics – Deliver me

Aah aah aaah aaaah aaah aaah…..
Oh deliver my soul from evil that some people might have thought was good
Open our eyes, Lord, let us see clearly
And recognise what to do
Not all that glitters is gold
And not all that seems to be good is good
Deliver me from well-meaning evil, deliver me

Deliver my soul, Oh my Lord, deliver me from evil
That people think is good

Open our eyes, let us see clearly
Let us recognise what is good
Keep us with the good and with fruitfulness
Deliver me from barrenness

Deliver me O Lord, deliver me O Lord
Deliver me O Lord, deliver me
For I’m in a pit,
Might be sinking fast
But if you pull me out I will last

O forgive my sin, set me free
You’re a just God, to redeem
When you deliver me from evil
Then I will stand and I will be free

Deliver me, deliver me
Deliver me from all bondage and sin
Give me fruitfulness in word and action
That I bring much glory to Your Name

In this is the Father glorified
That we bear much fruit
That our fruit survive
Let us bring glory to the Lord
For that is His due
And he delivers us from from our faintness

He delivers, He delivers
He delivers faithfully
He delivers, He delivers
He delivers faithfully

Ask and it shall be given
O, seek and you will find, you will find
I asked for deliverance from evil yeah
And the Lord, He does oblige

I said “Deliver me”;
He said, “I deliver you,
Come to me, be my own at my side
There’s a place for you
Been prepared for all of time
For you to be, and to rejoice

He delivers, delivers
He delivers

Praise the Lord!

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