Thursday, 12 September 2013

A song from the stage

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Lyrics – A song from the stage
Well, hello,
Fine people hello
It’s so nice to sing before you
Sit in your seats and enjoy hopefully

This is a song that I sing from me
From me to you
It is music, it is harmony, it’s a beating of the drum
There is life, there is healing,
There is energy

I sing to you, from me to you
This is a song that I sing
Good evening to all you fine folks here
It’s so wonderful to see you
Though the lights are bright
And they shine in my eyes
Yet, I know you are there beyond the light

So I love to sing
Oh I love
I love to sing to you
It is wonderful to sing before you

I’ve waiting so long
Just to sing on a stage
In the light of this glorious day
There are so many things that I did so far
But they’re not compared to these

Singing on a stage
For you fine people
It’s a dream that I had
I bid you good day
I say “Hi” to you
I say “Hi” from me to you
“How are you doing today”?

It’s a brand new day that we had today
Now it’s evening and the sun has gone down
And we’re gathered here in this auditorium
Just to hear the children sing

In a band, there’s a singer
There’s a keyboardist
There is a drummer
And a guitarist too that sings a precious lead
Yes, it is a wonderful band

And as we sing to you, we hope you’ll understand
We just want to show you what we got
Hope it blesses you as it blesses us
And we thank the Lord from our heart

It’s a glorious day, filled with music and song
On this stage, on this stage
And I thank the Lord for the opportunity that He gave to us today.

Thank you Lord
Praise the Lord
Jubilate, celebrate
It’s a song that we sing from me to you
Oh hello, now I’m gone, goodbye.

A song

the stage

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